Fraunhofer Institute, PolyShear prototype and ORONTEC

If you place the highest demands on research and science, you will end up, sooner rather than later, at the Fraunhofer Institutes, where application-oriented research is carried out for the direct benefit of companies.

This is also where, on behalf of a well-known car manufacturer and a well-known paint manufacturer, the “PolyShear” test ring line was developed, which can simulate the shear stress of a paint on a laboratory scale and thus provide a prognosis as to whether the tested paint system is suitable for a particular ring line.

The test ring line of Fraunhofer IFAM

In the test ring line of the Fraunhofer Institute’s paint technology experts, the paint is subjected to just as much stress as later in practical operation, despite the short distances. This circular test facility allows the paint system to be run continuously or in a stitch. Temperature control of the ring line is possible up to 40 °Celsius, and during loading, temperature, pressure, flow rate and shear rate can be measured and documented online at different points. In this way, for example, changes in viscosity as a result of a new coating batch or excessive pumping in the ring line can be measured directly. And although the test ring line requires only one liter of coating, it subjects the material to shear in accordance with the test specification and thus fulfills the function of a complete ring line system.

From prototype to product – thanks to ORONTEC

After the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft had patented this test system, they looked for a competent partner for further exploitation. This partner was to further develop the “PolyShear” test ring line to series production readiness and then produce and distribute it. And this is exactly where ORONTEC came into play.

As a leading provider of digital system solutions for measurement methods in the
paint and coatings industry, ORONTEC has the necessary expertise, experience and network to turn a promising prototype into a successful product.
The result: the Q-CHAIN ® POLYSHEAR, the innovative test ring line in which the know-how of the Fraunhofer Institute and the expertise of ORONTEC are optimally combined.

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