Skills shortage – ORONTEC can help!

We know about the shortage of skilled workers. But if we take a look behind the scenes in the various paint laboratories, or at the partially outdated testing equipment, we don’t wonder why specialists have to have a thick skin in order to struggle with the adversities on a daily basis.

Viscosity measurement with rubber gloves and stopwatch. Ten-finger interface to transfer data from semi-digital devices. Measuring piles of test panels with hand-held measuring devices, preferably after work because there is still time after e-mails.

This has to stop. If we wear out skilled workers with nonsensical work, we shouldn’t be surprised if no one wants to take their place.

Our offer: Digitize and optimize your lab with us. We can optimize processes, digitize equipment and automate much more than you think – at affordable prices.

We are convinced that small steps are better here than solutions that are too big, which in the end just eat up money and don’t take the employees with them either.

For example liquid paint color measurement with the Q-Chain® LCM: Instead of spending hours on draw-downs, drying, hand-measuring, and data transfer, precise color information can be obtained digitally in just a few minutes.

Or take Q-Chain® SuMo, for example: Instead of scraping and estimating, simply insert a magazine with 20 panels into an automatic machine and enjoy the results later.

Our software solutions are also primarily designed to quickly relieve the workload and make work more pleasant for skilled workers.

Have we aroused your interest? Then please feel free to contact us.