Surface Scanner Automatic


Device for automatic measurement

Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic

The Q-Chain® Surface Scanner is an measurement device for automatic measurement of horizontal samples, e.g. panels. Measurement instruments, normally conventional hand-held instruments, are measuring in a standard grid and an integrated software stores and evaluates the results.

There are multiple using scenarios for the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic. A mass measurement of standard panels for color evaluation, film thickness distribution, but also the combination of measurement and statistical evaluation is possible. One standard application is the use for measurements according to ISO 28199.

Fields of application are, among others, color styling, R&D of coatings, process prognosis of paint systems, quality control and more.


Surface Gross

The Q-Chain® Surface Scanner from ORONTEC is based on 20 years of experience in connection with automated measurements of surfaces and its statistical analysis.

Modifications, extensions and special solutions are possible.

The system is modular and available in different sizes and fields of application (e.g. ISO 28199). This offers the possibility for an affordable entrance into automatic measurement technologies with the option to extend the system by adding more modules.

The modular concept of the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic makes it possible to use different combinations of input, measurement table and output elements, depending on the requirements of the process and the planned throughput. In the standard version, the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic can be run with up to five measurement instruments. These instruments don’t have to be modified for the use in the system. This makes it possible to use different serial numbers and instruments, which are already used. These instruments are for examples for measuring film thickness, color, gloss or surface structure. An integration of hand-held instruments is an expertise of ORONTEC.

The modular design, a flexible integration of measurement instruments and the modern software makes the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic to an important element for the automated measurement of samples for surface technology.

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