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Next Step in Process Automation – Q-Chain® Process AI

p>Automation is not limited to manual processes. With our Surface Scanner products, we offer flexible systems for automation of sample measurements.

An additional field of automation concerns cognitive processes, especially the processing of information and data, for example in a laboratory. This is, where Q-Chain® Process AI is made for. It is a software framework, which helps to automize (laboratory) processes step by step. We offer this independently from our measurement systems and we are strong at integrating existing solutions. Automation is reached by the following features:

  • Modelling the processes into a standardized format according to ISO 19510
  • Integration of existing data sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, ERP systems, but also measurement devices
  • Automation of the Workflow with a workflow engine

Dashboard: Overview on different processes and working steps

Editing a working step

As an option and a further level, the process can learn by an AI module, which is running in the background.

Advantages of Q-Chain® Process AI:

  • Fast results (< 1 month)
  • Small budgets
  • Small modular applications (microservices) instead of large monolithic software systems
  • Scalability – from small applications to a complete (laboratory) process
  • Integration of existing solutions with the option of keeping or replacing them over time – the decision is in your hands.

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