Poly Shear
Q Chain Top


Simulator for loop and paint systems


In paint circulation lines, the liquid paint system is pumped through different diameters, pressure reducers and other elements. This causes shear and this shear can lead to a degradation of the paint material. Especially changes in viscosity and color can arise from shear stress in these paint lines. This can lead to complaints and in worst case to a complete refill of a paint line. With our method, a paint supplier can make a judgement if a paint material is suitable for a circulation line..

The Q-Chain® PolyShear® method is designed as a small unit, which can simulate this shear stress in a reasonable testing time. Conventional laboratory setups consist of paint lines, which shall correlate to a paint line in an industrial environment. The Q-Chain® PolyShear® method uses a defined shear element only and this makes the setup smaller and also very repeatable.

Major Features:

  • Laboratory scale, mobile and low demand for space
  • Only 1 litre of paint is needed for the test/li>
  • High reproducibility and repeatability
  • Very good correlation to industrial paint lines (e.g. Automotive OEM paint shops)
  • Short cycle time
  • Modular setup, Basic module can be extended with further online measurement sensors
  • A combination with simulation software is possible
  • Suitable for a combination with Q-Chain® LCM , measurement of color in liquid condition

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