Our mission:  The architects of the Smart Paint Factory 
Divergent thinkers  Related system solutions that create potential 
 Vision   AI for fast reactions and maximum flexibility in production 
 Our goal:   Develop your potential - for your competitiveness 


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Welcome to ORONTEC - the leading provider of holistic system solutions for the paint industry.

We measure, digitize and implement process improvements. That's why ORONTEC's customers are more productive and know more about their processes and materials.

Our time is characterized by a rapid technical development. We face the challenges which result from this and provide our customers with solutions, expertise and experience. Our mission is to sustainably secure your competitiveness through optimal processes and systems and to develop potential.

Our approach is customer focused and individual. We discuss, advise, implement and accompany the implementation - our goal is sustainable development.

They take profit from the combination of measurement technology, software and process engineering.

The Process Consulting is the qualified view of your processes. We have many years of experience and the corresponding competence to analyze qualified processes. In the next step, optimize your individual and implementation in practice, at your site. Furthermore, it is necessary to check whether there are further potentials and how further improvements can be installed. A holistic approach for more efficiency and economy.

In the area of the measurement technology we develop and manufacture automated solutions, which accelerate measuring processes and decelerate the work load of people in the laboratory. Also we offer solutions for Inline and on-line measurements.

Our software integrates data from any measuring device and it is characterized by easy-to-use and open interfaces. It is designed to be integrated into the customer's process and it helps to gain knowledge about materials and processes.



Flow To Grow

Excellence in Process Engineering

Consistent and sustainable process optimization gives you the economic advantage you need to respond to the challenges of changing markets, to strategically realign your business, to develop new products, or to open up future markets.

Q Chain

Solutions for the paint industry

Q-Chain® stands for a uniform quality language in the supply chain. Goal of this Systems is to avoid mistakes and not to produce - through early detection and the ability to to intervene before the last stage of the process.

Furthermore, the Q-Chain® philosophy can be seen as an approach to process stabilization be, because the knowledge and evaluation of data of a process at consistent Management to avoid variances leads.

Furthermore, testing costs can be saved at the interface between customer and supplier. when the methods and data are coordinated.



Credentials - We look forward to working with you

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