What painted panels can tell you

Do you know this? Two identical panels have been coated with the same paint and still look different. This is more than an annoying mistake, because the whole thing can quickly turn into an economic problem, because no customer is satisfied with such coating results.
But why do these different painting results occur? And what can be done to prevent this from happening in the first place? We have an idea…

For digital measurement of painted sheets and plates.

The Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic is an automatic measuring machine that inspects painted panels for different characteristics using various measuring instruments and evaluates them statistically with integrated software.
From a loadable magazine, the panels are transported to the measuring station, where they are measured and then transferred to the output magazine.

In other words, the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic establishes a relationship between appearance and properties such as coating thickness, cloudiness and color intensity according to DIN EN ISO 28199 (2).

Modular design, versatile use.

One machine, many results: Because the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic can be operated with up to five commercially available measuring devices, you obtain concrete statements about the examined characteristics of the coating and their interrelationship.
Based on this evaluation, you can then precisely define tolerances and ranges so that the coating always achieves the desired result.

Here you can get more information about the Q-Chain® Surface Scanner Automatic: