Our workshops in the overview

Customized knowledge for our customers

“All things are hard before they become easy,” the English historian Thomas Fuller once said. With our workshops covering a wide range of topics in the coatings and paint industry, we want to help you master even major challenges with ease. Our experts impart their specialist knowledge in a practical way – either at your premises or via an online appointment. Are you ready for a brief overview of the current workshops?

Complaints – how to deal with them skilfully

The customer is king. But what do you do when the king complains? With tools and guidelines, we help you develop optimized workflows for this unpleasant but also unavoidable situation. This is how you turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers again.

Personnel – make optimal use of your employees

The shortage of skilled personnel is also affecting the painting and color industry. We show you how to make ideal use of existing personnel in order to relieve them. We also uncover optimization potential through training to improve your workflows. . The result is an action plan for personnel development, optimal workload and improved internal communication.

Fast order processing – so you are always one step ahead of competitors

Order acceptance, production, delivery – if delays occur in this process chain, there is a risk that your customers will switch to faster market competitors. Stop putting valuable customer relationships at risk. Together, we subject every step from order acceptance to finished processing to a critical review so that you have the decisive advantage on your side..

Digitization for your purchasing

Imagine your purchasing and development department as well as product management working optimally hand in hand when it comes to information on raw materials and suppliers, for example. Because great potentials for improved workflows lie in a reduction of silos! We show you how you can realize an interlocking of these departments and profit from it. For a better overview and more success.

How to: Digitization 4.0

Everyone is talking about it, but how do you digitize a paint factory? We identify dormant potential and explain how you can uncover it. Whether for purchasing, production or development – the intelligent paint factory helps you to significantly increase your efficiency.

Mystery colorimetry? Not with us!

In this workshop, we will teach you the basics you need to gain a basic understanding of color measurement. Learn in a practical and easy-to-understand way how to implement optimal color management – without an overly academic approach.

How to use your data treasures

In the digital age, data is rightly considered the new oil. We help you to better utilize relevant data from your company to make essential processes more efficient. For maximum success with minimum effort. To achieve this, we combine 150 years of experience in coating development and IT expertise.

Optimize dispersion

Dispersion is not without reason the process in the coatings industry with the highest added value. In our hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make optimum use of the aggregates employed for this purpose. In this way, you will achieve ideal capacity utilization and benefit from particularly efficient use of raw materials without this being at the expense of product quality.

Throughput times – make optimal use of the precious resource “time”

For companies, time is money. So don’t give away cash and discover free time resources thanks to our workshop. To do this, we analyze your throughput times and support you in better exploiting your existing or unused potential.

Accelerate your coating development process

How do you master the balancing act between an ever greater variety of raw materials on the one hand and ever higher customer requirements on the other? In our workshop, we present solution strategies that range from customer support to innovation strategy, depending on the focus. The result: You benefit from significantly accelerated coating development.