MagnoMeter™ XRS

How to avoid errors in particle characterization.

Among particles, there are only identical twins – one might think so, if one looks at the traditional methods for particle characterization and surface analysis of dispersions. This is because these measurements assume that all particles are basically spherical and smooth – although this is rarely the case in most industrial materials. Another assumption is that particles are always uniform and homogeneous – which is also not always true.

Due to these faulty assumptions, the measured particle size – and thus the calculated surface area value – can be misleading. And this leads to consequential errors in subsequent application and use.

This is how the optimal surface determination succeeds.

Such annoying and costly errors can be easily prevented by using an instrument for particle characterization that works with NMR technology and therefore makes no assumptions about particle size or shape – such as the MagnoMeter™ XRS distributed by ORONTEC in Germany, which delivers first-class results in many different fields of work.

Whether in research or development, for quality control or assurance, or for process control laboratories, the MagnoMeter™ XRS is an effective and, above all, versatile tool. It not only assists in the quality control of incoming raw materials, but can also be easily used for monitoring the intermediate manufacturing process, quality assurance of final products and determination of shelf life.

A small device with big advantages.

Anyone who wants to be on the safe side when it comes to surface determination will find the MagnoMeter™ XRS the perfect helper – especially because the device not only delivers reliable results, but is also extremely uncomplicated to use:

  • Sample preparation is not necessary: All technically relevant and industry-relevant concentrations can be measured directly without dilution.
  • The measurement takes place virtually in real time. Depending on the sample, the result is available in one second, or after two minutes at the latest.
  • The instrument requires very little space on the laboratory bench, and there are many configuration options for the MagnoPod™ and control module.

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