Laboratory automation implemented quickly, flexibly and modularly

Many companies have realized: Automation helps streamline lab processes and get more done with scarce staff. But how and where to start? There are technically sophisticated solutions for running laboratories fully automatically. But this is usually very expensive and time-consuming. Existing laboratory processes have also proven themselves in the past; after all, companies don’t start from scratch. But to automate a laboratory, first tear out everything, install lots of robots, optimize for a long time, and then realize after a while that the chosen layout is too inflexible? Just to measure a small sample – no way. Money wasted, employees dissatisfied and nothing gained.

There is another way.

We at ORONTEC build small, modular measuring machines. This means that existing laboratories can be retained. Processes do not have to be completely redefined, but what was previously done laboriously by the lab technician is now done quickly and efficiently by the machine. Automation in small steps, affordable, flexible and quick to implement. And lab technicians do not become unemployed, on the contrary: Finally time for meaningful, creative work!

But for automation to work properly, there is also the issue of software. What good is it if a test is automated, but two different programs have to be operated and data has to be shifted back and forth manually. ORONTEC has developed Q-Chain® Process AI for this purpose, which simply lets the existing programs do what they do and Process AI plays the middleman. This is easier than you might think. Again, thanks to our modular software, data can flow automatically through the process in small modules and small, affordable steps.

If you want to take a look at how such automation can look in practice, take our Q-Chain® SuMo as an example.

We’ve put a two-part presentation on YouTube about it: First part: short summary in five minutes, second part: more details in ten minutes.

You would like to automate e.g. your color measurement or another measurement or test in your laboratory? Feel free to contact us – we look forward to your feedback!


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