How to become a color expert in two days!

Did you actually already know with which high-performance organs you look so curiously into the world? No? Then here are a few facts: Our eyes make it possible for us to perceive more than 200 different shades of color and distinguish between even the finest nuances. And because they also know more than 20 saturation and 500 brightness levels, we can revel in a palette of several million color valences – in contrast, by the way, to a dog or a cat, which can only see in black and white.

But how does this work? How are colors created and what does light have to do with all this?

The Coloristics WebSeminar / Module 1: Introduction

Especially for professionals in the coatings industry, these are interesting questions where you can learn a lot for your job. And it is precisely these topics that are dealt with in our Coloristik WebSeminar. Here you will learn, among other things:

  • How does the perception of color come about?
  • What is light: decomposition of light, additive, subtractive color mixing?
  • What are standard color values and standard spectral value functions?
  • What is metamerism and how can it be avoided?
  • What is the CIE color space?
  • How does the color distance calculation work?
  • How do you measure solid colors?

Interesting for a colorful target group

Are you a newcomer, a coatings engineer or a coatings laboratory technician? Would you like to close the gap between the studies of paint engineers and the current job description of colorists or are you simply looking for a practice-oriented advanced training program? In our Coloristik WebSeminar you will acquire practice-oriented specialist knowledge, imparted by renowned speakers from the paint and coatings industry. The seminar is led by Mr. Oliver Korten, who works as a software developer, color and data scientist in development at ORONTEC. And he really knows what he’s talking about.

By the way: The Coloristik WebSeminars take place 2 to 3 times a year. If you want to be informed about the current dates, just have a look at our newsletter. Or come back to our homepage: In our blog we will announce the new seminars.