A meeting with experts, a lecture, an award

… the SURCAR CONGRESS 2021 in Detroit was a great success.

The SURCAR CONGRESS is the event for the global body paint community. It was first held in 1964 and has since grown from a two-day convention to a global brand for the body and paint industry with a portfolio of events around the world.
SURCAR is all about helping the automotive paint industry and its associated companies stay connected, explore new channels and markets, and share the latest trends and information.

It quickly became clear again this year that the automotive industry continues to set new standards in application technology. One of the core topics of this conference was, for example, brownfield projects, in which automated paint shops are converted from old to new in a very short time – and which are being implemented by more and more companies.

ORONTEC’s contribution was also very well received at SURCAR. In his presentation “Digitalization and AI – how can new methods support the process of automotive painting?”, Ralph J. Wörheide was able to impressively demonstrate the ideas and measures with which ORONTEC is breaking new ground in the following areas

  • the use and application of further sensor technology in application systems
  • the modeling for artificial intelligence by ORONTEC technologies
  • the sharing of data along the entire process chain, from raw materials to application

His presentation not only inspired the participants, but also earned ORONTEC an award of which we are extremely proud: We were awarded the SURCAR Award for Grand Challenge. With this award, SURCAR honors the most innovative start-ups. Or established companies that develop new solutions for the automotive paint industry – like ORONTEC.